EZYTRX Tron Smart Contract FAQ

Ezytrx is a global, new generation crowdfunding platform and the first ever smart contract of its kind in the blockchain of Tron cryptocurrency.

It is a software algorithm performing the function of a distribution of affiliate commissions between community members and the observance of certain conditions (based on programs EZY1 and EZY10).

EZYTRX platform is created with the public’s interest in mind and does not have managers or admins. This means that the platform is fully decentralized (i.e. it has no company, no leaders, or admins) and cannot be changed or altered at any time.

A smart contract is a predetermined algorithm inside the blockchain which automates the execution of transactions.

A system in which there are no admins, no servers, and no monitoring needed to manage the project. The creators of the platform are the same project participants like you.

All commissions are paid in TRX directly and instantly to the members’ personal TRX wallets. The smart contract never receives payments; therefore, you will never have to wait on a commission payment as it’s paid directly to you.

Ezytrx is risk-free! There is no company, no admin, it is a self-operating system located on the blockchain that cannot be changed or destroyed. The code of the smart contract is in the public domain. It is enough to invi te 2 people to immediately recoup the initial cost of participation in the project. All payments go directly into your personal wallet, without any hidden fees and without third-party resources. You can feel safe knowing that Ezytrx will not go away.

No personal information is required to open an account. The only thing required to create your account is a Tron wallet of your choice.

EZYTRX is a Tron Smart Contract on the Tron blockchain which is fully decentralized and connected to the internet. EZYTRX will be in business for as long as the blockchain and internet exists.

EZY1 is for your direct referrals. You will earn 100% EZY1 commission from direct referrals where you have taken a position yourself. However, you will earn only 50% EZY1 commission if you refer someone in a higher matrix that you do not hold, with the other 50% going to your sponsor or to anyone above you holding the similar package as your referral.

EZY10 is a team effort. 100% EZY10 commission is distributed across 10 levels irrespective of direct sponsorship, with each level receiving 10% equal distribution.

There are a total of 10 steps (TRX): 1000, 2000, 5000, 10K, 20K, 50K, 100K, 200K, 500K, 1M.You can upgrade anytime in a sequential manner, ie. you cannot buy the 3rd step without buying the previous steps.

Yes, you can upgrade your package at any time you wish to, by simply logging back into your office and selecting the package you wish to upgrade to.

In EZYTRX, your entire downline including direct , indirect, overflow or spill over follows you at all times in every step of the matrix. You will pass up a commission to your upline if you are not active on a position that generates an earning. However, once you become active on that level, you will get paid for any further sales that take place from that point onwards.

No. EZY10 platform is arranged in such a way that all participants help each other. You will receive spill overs and overflows from all uplines and downlines. However, to make a lot of money, doing nothing will not work. You must try and help people build their teams, and once they are auto pilot , you will earn passively. The more active you are initially will determine how quickly you will reach this auto- earning mode.

No, once your account is created it can never be removed or destroyed. However, your account will be temporarily suspended on earning 10x of your total purchase steps. This suspension can be lifted by purchasing the next higher step. On purchasing all 10 steps your account will never be suspended and you can earn unlimited.

You can genuinely earn UNLIMITED TRX in this business. The more people you refer and the more people you assist with growing their business, the higher your income potential becomes.